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A Fabulous Wedding for Marsha & Deckoy

Our wish is to have the wedding we have always dreamed of. A wedding that reflects our unique personality and style. A wedding that you our guests will delight in, Our dream wedding in December. One that is full of fun for us the bride and groom along with our guests. A bright and exciting day which will live long in the memory of every one that is there to share it with us.

Stress-free wedding planning begins now for us

Our engagement was special, one of the happiest time of our lives. We are trodding the path of having a long life together which entails a lot of success, happiness and spirituality and life planning that we should enjoy to the fullest. We don't intend on spending it stressing out about our wedding details although we want it to be perfect. All I the Bride along with the Groom intend on doing is to just sit back and sample cake, taste champagne, and smell the roses.

This website will be updated with information about the events. Please enjoy the site, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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