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About Bride and Groom

We met in May 2006 started talking. Then got involved seriously in June of the same year. Our relationship then was wonderful and still is, he is a great guy from what I the Bride knows. I am a great Girl from what I was told by the Groom. Got engaged on June 9th one of the most memorable days of our lives. And now we are planning a wedding for December 19th 2009. Bet you're saying that it should have been June again right ? The Groom is more of a outgoing type of person while the Bride is laid back yet a people person stay some what away from the crowd. Both Bride and Groom are very intellectual. Both have a million things in common. We do a lot of fun stuff together. We are more than compatible. Deckoy and Marsha enjoys going to the beach as well as playing board games among other fun and adventurous activities. Deckoy would sit and watch sports (Football etc...) while Marsha would sit around the computer surfing the net and designing.

our future goal is to complete our career. Deckoy fulfilling his dream as a Psychiatrist while Marsha want to pursue her dream as a talented lawyer. Our other future goal, I wouldn't say goal but our number one priority is our daughter Chardonnay that we are planning to bring in the world in the near future.

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